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when you receive a sweet anon out of nowhere and you’re like


I love this because you can’t tell who’s the anon and who’s the receiver.

Tyler Hoechlin imitating Dylan O’Brien at the MTV’s Teen Wolf SDCC Panel.




"But like a full service date? With a three course dinner, movies and a sleepover? And a dessert?"
"You need to define what do you mean by dessert…"
"Okay, with dessert."

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WHAT?! OH MY GOD YES! The only other person I’ve met who loves Hagalaz as much as I do is hales-emissary!!! *lifts you up and spins you round* how have we not TALKED BEFORE?! That coda’s too… I mean what even we get multiple POV’s and the OC’s aren’t annoying at all and just. UGH.

God, I would say I’m sorry Derek’s Heart made you cry but I’m NOt because I cried too and there’s nothing better than crying over Derek Hale, my precious baby, with someone else. 

Also, I forgot to mention one of my top 5. So, shout out to And if I Die Before I Wake. Great take on the mates trope and if you love bottom!derek (and I love bottom!derek) this is perfect. Also the second fic I ever read in this fandom.

I love that you started this by the way. You rock. 


true facts, 99% of the distractions on the meta chat are about Hagalaz! seriously, we all stopped the other day because she had updated, a good few hours where no one spoke because Hagalaz had updated

hahahah oh my GOD that just made my day. I did the exact same thing- stopped right in the middle of my dissertation work to read chapter 2.

That fic gives me the will to live. Absolute perfection. Perfection that makes me message summerchild-madeofstone at 4am because I’ve just finished the chapter and I have to scream and cry about it.


is it any fucking wonder that clevverTV pulled this read-fanfiction-to-the-cast bullshit? remember, this is the super classy channel that brought us “guess the wolf abs" where they used a paparazzi snapped photo of dylan o’brien on a beach— instead of using photos from dylan o’brien’s movie the first time where he was shirtless for the camera— prompting DOB to ask “… whereee did you get that photo?” and making everyone watching SUPREMELY UNCOMFORTABLE. this is also the channel who brought us “five things that should happen in teen wolf" which featured a segment saying that kate and derek should pursue a romantic relationship again because their dynamic is hot, hot, hot!!! (nothing hotter than seducing teen boys so you can lie to them and murder their families, amirite?!?)

lmao clevverTV is and has always been a fucking garbage can of an entertainment news source, that’s not surprising. this fanfiction garbage is just same shit, different day.

but it’s 2014 and i’m so beyond over this trend of portraying fanfiction as something to be ridiculed and laughed at. people are putting their time and effort into writing for free, because they ENJOY the canon and want to express that, and to invite criticism or laughter onto what they’ve written in front of the people who helped inspire them is fucking cruel, and, honestly? it’s been done before. we get it, ha-ha-ha, isn’t fanfiction so strange aren’t these people writing it so weird??? i’m so over this shitlord rhetoric i can’t even handle it. 

fuck you clevvertv. just— fuck you. so fucking much.